What People Say About Our Products

“I have twin boys and try to keep products I use on them as natural as possible. In the bath we use the ‘sensitive’ goats milk soap which makes their skin feel so soft and doesn’t dry it out. When starting solids one of my boys got eczema all over his back and behind his knees. We tried the ‘kawakawa’ goats milk lotion on him. Within two weeks there was no sign of eczema on his little body! It was like a miracle! I have a pot of the kawakawa balm also and use it on their bums now and then and on any little scratches . This worked a treat on their cradle cap also. All these products are handmade with love and we think they are amazing.”

“I would just like to say thank you so very much! thanks to Udderly Pure we have found a soap my baby boy can use !!! i highly recommend their goat milk soap and all products to anyone that has children with very sensitive skin! again thank you!!!!”
“Hands down best soap I’ve ever used and a staple of my shower routine. And I mean, its better than any body wash, bath gel, or any bath cleansing/moisturizing product or ANY cleansing moisturizing bath product that I’ve used for that matter, and I have used a TON. I have normal to combination skin, and this is just amazing. My skin has never been so soft and smooth after getting out of a shower. Every person with any skin type should have this product. More to it , I’m using it to wash my make up off (even removes waterproof mascara). It’s incredibly fair priced and I couldn’t love it more. Also, I got shaving one for my husband. At first he has a bit skeptical but once he has tried, he could not believe how amazing his skin looks / feels. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”
“It was my pleasure to try the Bergamot and Sandalwood Shampoo Soap today. I have to say I’m a person who suffers from an itchy scalp constantly and this soap I used at 9 am this morning it is now 2.15pm and I haven’t itched once. When first applying to my hair I was amazed at how quickly it lathered. My hair feels bloody beautiful I hope you consider keeping these little beauties as part of your product line. As for Jeffie’s other soap I can’t fault them, we no longer use shop brought stuff only Udderly Pure. Buy these product you won’t be disappointed. I’m really pleased we did. keep up the good work Jeffie.”
“Bought a bar of your Kawakawa soap yesterday for my daughter. Wow, what a beautiful product. She couldn’t wait to use it and hopped into the shower as soon as we got home. Will be back for more!Kim
“We got a sample pack, so we could try before we buy ? I am so happy with what I got, the soaps are amazing, they smell beautiful,and my skin is so soft, and I love that they are natural. To make it even better Jeffie is so lovely, great communication, and so friendly and caring. I highly recommend Udderly Pure soaps.”!

“We ordered 30 Xmas Gift Bags with various items for our staff at the end of last year. What a treat! Our staff were really wrapped with what they received. The males really liked their shaving packs – though you could tell the men from the boys as some youngin’s had to ask what the brush was for. Our ladies were SUPER happy, with many asking for details to top up again. The gift bags were MORE than worth the cost, delivered, came in awesome gift bags and took no time at all! Payment details were easy and such value for money. A great way to treat staff. Thank you so much!”

“So I’ve had shingles. Sick as a dog. But let me tell you, your Rose Geranium soap soothed the agonizing skin, and that’s no kidding. It was wonderful. I’m sure I had something of my own that might have helped but nothing like Rose Geranium on tender skin! Love your soaps!”
“AMAZING! My son has a recurring problem with eczema, and my daughter has dermatitis on her face and neck region. I have been prescribed ranging from aqueous/hydrocortisone creams/ and the latest nizoral. They seemed to work at first or so i thought as after a while it only seemed to anger the skin. I have been trialling the KAWA KAWA and GOATS MILK LOTION and SOAP and additionally the CURE BALM. I am so very pleased with the results that i will be continuing to buy these products. Thank You so very much its definitely WORTH IT being able to see my daughters beautiful face. LOVE LOVE LOVE these natural products and so good for the skin :-D”
“Jeffie your products are amazing! I never get pampered but when I use the soaps and lip balm I feel like I am! The lip balm is so smooth and great smelling. Your soaps are amazing and I adore the calendula one. They are all beautifully fragranced and have a great lather. The soy melts release their scent a lot quicker than many other melts I have used and last for ages too. Great value for money. I have a bliss bomb in my cupboard and can’t wait to use it! I gave the shaving soap to hubby and he loves using it. Even with his sensitive skin it causes no irritation and leaves his skin smooth. Thanks Jeffie! You make some amazing products x”ks.”