Goat Milk Products for Sensitive, Dry Skin Conditions

Our goat milk soap and lotions for sensitive, dry skins are made for the whole family including babies skins.  The products are wholesome and nutirient rich and will leave your skin soft and well moisturised.

Goat milk is particularly high in Vitamin A, which is necessary to repair damaged skin tissue, and maintain healthy skin.  Goat milk has a pH level that is very close to human skin’s own natural pH which help to keep our skin moist and strengthen our skin to help protect us from invading bacteria.  

Blended with other natural oils, essential oils, botanical infusions or just left beautifully plain, Udderly Pure’s goats milk soaps and lotions contain nutrient and vitamin-rich properties which nuture and moiturise.  Our products are professionally handcrafted and packaged.

Our goat milk soap and other products are PALM OIL and PARABEN FREE !

Udderly Pure Boxed Trial Set

Try it for yourself! The trial pack includes FOUR Goat Milk Body Lotions 30g, Soothing Kawakawa Balm 5g, a trial size Goat Milk Soap 20g of your choice. Once you have tried Goat Milk Soap & Body Products, you won’t look back! Look forward to soft, hydrated, healthy skin

$29  plus P&H. Valued at over $36.

Natural Goat Milk Lotion with Kawakawa Oil

In this soft lotion, kawakawa is blended with rich goat milk – creating a wonderful tonic promoting natural cell growth and regeneration.

$18.00 to $27 plus P&H

Natural Goat Milk Lotion with Rose Water

Our natural goat milk lotion with Rosewater and aloe infused oil designed to soothe and hydrate.  Rosewater also helps maintain the skin’s pH balance has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce skin irritations.

$18.00 to $27 plus P&H

Natural Goat Milk Lotion with Calamine

Our natural goat milk lotiion with calamine to soothe itchy, irritated skin.   This lotion also contains rosewater to gently ease irritated or inflamed skin.

$18.00 to $27 plus P&H

Udderly SMOOTH Goat Milk Soap

This goat milk soap made with HEMP Oil is incredibly nourishing and gentle and helps to promote healthy, younger looking skin.  The naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids in goats milk deliver a gentle exfoliation and a hydration for the skin.  $10 plus P&H

Udderly NAKED Goat Milk Soap

Our Classic goat milk soap is luxuriously good for skin. Naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids deliver a gentle exfoliation and a hydration for the skin. Goat milk is vitamin rich – providing protection and glow to all skin types.  $10 plus P&H

Udderly PURE Goat Milk Soap

Kawakawa lovingly exfoliates and tones the skin reviving and bringing out your skin’s natural freshness. Not only is it perfect for great looking skin, it boosts your energy level so you feel great all over.  $10 plus P&H