Goat Milk Product THREE Pack


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Goat Milk Soap Sampler Pack

Try our Goal Milk Soaps – super easy to buy, cost-effective three pack!
Skin will feel soft and smooth, gently hydrated and strengthened by the regular use of the alpha hydroxy acid that occurs naturally in Goat Milk.

How your skin can benefit from goat milk

  • Hydrates and moisturise your skin
  • Contains vitamins that feed your skin
  • Naturally exfoliates and gently removes old skin
  • Aid in renewing of skin cells
  • Protects against dry skin and fine wrinkles


Goat Milk Soap Family Three Pack 

Udderly Pure offers quality handcrafted products made using pure ingredients and our soaps are packaged in environmentally friendly paper box packaging that can easily and safely be discarded.

Our goat milk soap are gentle natural soap made from pure goat milk. Our soaps are perfect for sensitive skin and for people who are recovering from illnesses or using medication that affects skin and causes sensitivity.

Blending in rich goat’s milk to promote cell growth and healing leaving a beautiful,nourished skin. Accelerating the healing process it’s incredible for dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and can be used all over the body, including dry feet.   Our goat milk soap is suitable for all skin types, deeply moisturising for dry, itchy skin.

All our products are cruelty, paraben and palm oil free.

Our soap are made by using the cold-process soap making method. We let our soaps cure for at least six weeks to ensure a properly cured quality soap bar that will last longer in the bath or shower. We recommend that you keep your soap dry in between use. Our bars are approximately 100 grams.

Choose a mix of 3 of our Aromatic, Back to Nature and Essential Oil goat milk soaps or shampoos at an economic 3 Pack price.

Ingredients differ from soap to soap but as a general rule of thumb they all contain a blend of vegetable oils, clays, goat milk, tallow, body butter, oatmilk, stout, natural salts, sodium hydroxide, fragrance or essential oils or infused botanical oils.

Additional information

Goat Milk Soap

Udderly Naked, Udderly ZESTY, Udderly SMOOTH, Udderly PURE, Udderly DETOXED, Udderly DIVINE, Udderly GENTLE

Goat Milk Soap 2

Udderly DETOXED, Udderly DIVINE, Udderly GENTLE, Udderly NAKED, Udderly PURE, Udderly SMOOTH, Udderly ZESTY

Goat Milk Soap 3

Udderly DETOXED, Udderly DIVINE, Udderly GENTLE, Udderly NAKED, Udderly PURE, Udderly SMOOTH, Udderly ZESTY

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

So far I have tried the Pure and Naken soaps and they are great. I have noticed a change in my daughters skin, her eczema has calmed down and there are currently no angry red spots. I will be ordering more.

Udderly Naked & Kawakawa Goats Milk Soaps & Body Lotion with Kawakawa.

Wonderful products I tried Udderly Naked Soap first it leaves skin feeling really clean not drying at all.
Now trying the Kawakawa Soap especially on skin problem area on back..I'm sure the area is improving already after such a short time.
Very pleased with both products.
I was also sent 2 body lotion samples .
So far tried the lotion with Kawakawa amazed how much old skin has been removed..
I have used this on my face shoulders arms etc which has made a vast improvement.
Feels nice on the skin .
I like this product so much I'm going to order the set for myself and my daughter.
Many thanks Kerry.


Having been a surfer all my life my skin has suffered a lot of UV damage, my new Udderly Pure soap is very soothing and nourishing for my skin type, on recipe of my discount voucher I will be placing another order,thanks heaps.Chris.

3 pack of soap

This soap is amazingly creamy and smells delicious. Makes your skin so nice and soft. I have used it to take my make up off and my face feels great. Hubbie also like it so bonus for me as I'll be able to buy more!